What is the Jack Stillman Rewards Policy

I really appreciate my customers. You guys literally put food on my table! Some of you buy once, but many of you return again and again. That is why I have created the Jack Stillman Rewards Program. I wanted an easy way to track and show my thanks to customers who put their trust in me and the gear I sell.

The program is pretty simple to use. In basic terms, for every $1 you spend at Jack Stillman I will give you 1 Reward Points. So if you spend $100 you earn 100 points. Reward points are redeemable for a number of different rewards from percentage to dollars off and occasional exclusive promotional rewards. Put simply, you cant loose!

Earn Bonus Points

I have also made it easy for you to earn extra bonus points just by joining the program. You can also earn discounts by sharing a product you like on social media, sharing your purchases and referring a friend to Jack Stillman. Hell I even give you a special surprise on your birthday!

How to Check Your Reward Points Balance

To check the balance on your reward points or to join the program and start earning points, simply login and click the Check Rewards tab on the bottom left of your screen.

![alt text](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0382/6677/files/Jack_Stillman_rewards_check_points-2_grande.jpg)

By clicking on the Check Rewards tab, the following window will appear and prompt you to sign in or create an account.


Once you are logged in or have created your Jack Stillman Rewards Program membership, you will see a balance of the points available to you and bonus opportunities to earn more points. It's that simple.


Terms & Conditions

There are a few basic rules to follow:

1. This system was established on 15 January 2018 with points allocated retrospectively to customers who purchased from me after August 1 2017.
1. You need to create a store account here in order to join The Jack Stillman Rewards Program.
1. Points are only redeemable 14 days after your purchase. This is essentially to protect me from sneaky peeps who want to cheat the system.
1. Points are valid for 6 months from the time of award. If you don't use them you loose them. But don't worry. I will send you a reminder when your points are about to expire.
1. Reward points are only available online at this stage and not via retail outlets.