Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our bags, luggage and accessories with a Lifetime Guarantee. We guarantee that every Jack Stillman item is free of material and manufacturing defects. This guarantee is valid for the duration of the original purchaser’s lifetime, beginning on the date of purchase from an authorised Jack Stillman retailer and subject to applicable laws. 

This guarantee applies to bags and accessories made after October 2022. Jack Stillman products purchases after October 2018 will still be covered with our limited 10 year warranty.

Our Promise: Tough Gear for a Lifetime (or Two)

We're pretty damn confident in our stuff. Everything Jack Stillman—the rivets, the zippers, the leather, the waxed canvas—is built to endure. Made in-house in our own magical workshop, our gear is designed to stick with you through thick and thin. Life's an adventure, sometimes rough on gear, but that's precisely why we build ours like tanks. Yet, even tanks can get a few dents, which is why we're all about making our gear repairable. Those marks and scars? They're your stories, not flaws.

The Nitty-Gritty Guarantee:

We back up our craftsmanship and the bits and bobs that keep your gear together. If something goes wonky due to our handiwork or the hardware, we're on it—repair or replace, it's our call, but we'll make it right. Just make sure you give it a clean before sending it our way. Check out our care tips for the full scoop on keeping your gear in fighting shape.

What's Off the Books:

Normal wear and tear, fading love letters on the canvas, or a strap finally calling it quits after years of loyal service? That's not on us. Our materials are top-notch, but immortal they are not. We can arrange patch-up jobs at a fair prices. We can also recommend plenty of workarounds for common problems that occur with all gear no matter who made it. So don't be shy in asking for our help, just don't get cranky if we can't bring your hamster back to life. 

The Fine Print (Yeah, There's Always Some):

Warranty and repair journeys need postage, both ways. If your gear's too far gone, we might just replace it instead of fixing it, and unclean gear won't make it past our doorstep. And if we swap it out, the original's staying with us. Excessive wear, curious critters, neglect, or any tampering that's not on the up-and-up? That's out of bounds for our warranty.

Proof of Purchase? Not How We Roll:

No need to dig through your attic for a receipt. If it's got our tag, it's covered. No tag? We're still here to help, but it's a bit like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Why We Stand Behind Our Gear:

Pride's the word. We're in the business of keeping our gear, not just in circulation, but thriving. Our lifetime guarantee isn't just talk; it's a promise. We know the ins and outs of every piece we create, which means we can deconstruct, rebuild, and send it back for another round (or ten) of adventures.

Got questions? Hit us up. We're more than ready to chat about keeping your Jack Stillman gear in prime condition.Contact us at