Upright Season 2 Starring The Rogue

Upright Season 2 Starring The Rogue

Season 2 of Upright has premiered on Binge starring local Perth boy Tim Minchin, Milly Alcock of recent House of Dragons fame and another local hero, Jack Stillman’s Rogue Duffel Bag.

The storyline of Upright Season 2 follows on from the Foxtel collaboration’s first season with its two main characters mashed together for another cross country adventure full of unexpected (and unintended) brushes with an eclectic ensemble of oddball characters. It’s a comedy road trip where Minchin’s Lucky, a flakey boozing rockstar, is reluctantly obliged to escort his god daughter Meg on an impromptu search for her run away mother. A strong emotional arc develops as the pair dig themselves deeper into the mystery. What’s really going on here?!

But the other star of the show, in our minds, is our top selling Rogue Duffel Bag which features heavily throughout the show.

We’re a teeny weeny company here at Jack Stillman so many of our small team have multiple roles. Jake Stillman, our Customer Service Manager as well as our Business Development Captain, was approached by Foxtel to supply the leading bag in January this year and he happily obliged. We supplied two Rogues, one as a spare and we have it on good authority that Mr Minchin was so attached to The Rogue in the end that he decided to keep it.

The Rogue puts in a nuanced performance. It convincingly portrays its role as a tough throw around travel bag. You can easily believe that this duffel is confident in its mission to safeguard Lucky’s dirty undies, balled up t-shirts and occasional Jack Daniels 750ml morning rescue.

Watch the show a little though, especially episode 2 and you get to understand why the studio picked our bag. Lucky is a wealthy, well-known celebrity and such a character wouldn't tote any ordinary luggage. The Rogue is well appointed with functional features such as the top weather flap as well as our genuine leather straps backed with the same 16 oz waxed cotton canvas that constructs the entire bag. The leather handles look great but it’s the over-engineered leather sling anchors, cotton shoulder strap and solid brass snap hooks that carry the lion's share of the Rogue's performance. These features look great on camera. The Rogue embodies a celebrity's choice of casual luggage convincingly. An endorsement of Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson who also owns a Rogue and Norman Reedus of Walking Dead Fame who is a top fan of our Nomad Sling Bag.

Characterisation aside, the Rogue performed its duties admirably by all accounts and did all of its own stunts. It was thrown about, man handled and placed under more duress than Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. It was not pampered in the same manner as the shows other stars but neither did it require it. The Rogue Duffel Bag comes standard with more grit than a Clint Eastwood grin.

This isn't the only time you have or will see one of our WA designed bags on the big and small screens. We recently provided a PUP for WA production, How to Please a Woman filmed here in our hometown of Fremantle. Some other cameos are currently being filmed in two more major productions featuring major stars but we’re sworn to secrecy on those until they have been released.

If you would like to know more about The Rogue or any other of our super star products, check us out online or send us a message.