20 Uses for your Drifter

20 Uses for your Drifter

The Drifter is one handy piece of kit. It’s not just one thing, it’s many things. It’s the swiss army knife of blankets. One of those; If you were going to a deserted island and could only take three things - kind of things. 

Here’s 20 different uses we have found for the Drifter. None of these require the hood. Can you think of any more? 

Shelter. The outer layer of the Drifter is made from 8oz waxed cotton so it’s water resistant. The water resistance increases the more wax you apply to it. The centre head hole is closed with the YKK waterproof zipper keeping the moisture contained to the outer layer.  There are multiple ways you can use the Drifter as a shelter by using the four webbing loops located on each corner. 

1. A Frame. A simple tent achieved by draping the Drifter over a centre line suspended between two trees. The four corners can be pegged out to keep the structure taught  

2. Basic Fly / Awning. Suspend the Drifter by tying all four corners to four opposing points such as trees or the back of your vehicle. 

3. Humpy Skin. Make a shelter using branches and other vegetable matter and drape the Drifter over the top of this and tie it down to add a water resistant roof. 

4. Emergency Blanket. Of course the most basic shelter is just using the Drifter as a personal cover, hiding under it to provide shelter and warmth. 

    Tarpaulin. Sometimes you need to cover yourself, sometimes you need to cover your gear. 

    5. Use the Drifter as a gear bundle. Temporarily wrap and tie down equipment you want protected from the elements.

    6. Bivvy Bag. Roll gear up in the middle of the Drifter and roll it longways making a long cigar shape  Tie the two opposing ends together and carry it over your shoulder. 

    7. Car boot protector. Lay the Drifter out inside your car boot to protect it when you need to transport wet or dirty cargo. 

    8. Pantry. Need to protect food or other important supplies from ground insects or scavengers? Under a tree branch, place items in the middle of the Drifter. Hang a rope over the branch of the tree and bring all four corners of the Drifter to the middle. Tie the four concerns together and suspend the bundle from the branch. Use the zipper as a door to access your supplies. 

    9. Bike Cover. Travelling by bike? Use the Drifter as a vehicle cover overnight. 

      Ground Cover

      10. Picnic Blanket. Keep a Drifter in the boot of your car or tied to your motorcycle as an instant excuse for a picnic. 

      11. Camping carpet. Lay the drifter down outside your tent and within the vestibule for comfortable and functional carpet. 

      12. Concealment. If you need to hide, lay light vegetation over the top of the Drifter and crawl under it. 

      13. Packdown Sheet. Use the Drifter as a clean surface to organise your gear when you pack your equipment. 

      14. Sleeping mat. If it’s not raining, use the Drifter as a sleeping mat to insulate against the cold ground. 

      15. Seating mat. Fold the Drifter in half 6 times. This makes a very comfortable seat cushion against the ground. 


        16. Camp Blanket. Wrap it around you and a friend or add an extra layer over your sleeping bag. 

        17. Emergency Blanket. A Drifter is handy to keep in the boot of your car for use as an emergency blanket. 

        18. Seat Cover. Lay the Drifter over your car seats to protect against wet kids or dogs.


          19. Wet weather poncho. Of course one of the most obvious uses for the Drifter. Protect against the rain and moisture by unzipping the middle and wearing the Drifter as a poncho. Note it will also sit over your backpack or bag, protecting all of your equipment. 

          20. Cold weather poncho. Whether it’s raining or not, many a camper has enjoyed the warmth of the Drifter as they sit around a campfire on a chilly bush night