5 BONUS hacks for Granddad Jack's Leather Lotion

5 BONUS hacks for Granddad Jack's Leather Lotion
Leather Lotion is great for protecting your leather using 100% natural ingredients. In fact the ingredients are so natural you could eat it


Leather Lotion is great for protecting your leather using 100% natural ingredients. In fact the ingredients are so natural you could eat Granddad Jacks Leather Lotion and use it for so much more than leather protection. Let me explain:

Granddad Jack’s Leather Lotion’s main ingredients are beeswax and coconut oil along with a few other vegetable derived oils. The benefits of these two main ingredients might be flavour of the month but they are not new. Both have proven histories in balms, medicines and natural applications that go back hundreds of thousands of years.

Beeswax Facts:

  • Beeswax is made by bees. They secrete it for use in making their hives. This is an important distinction because most common waxes are petrochemical based (a product of the oil industry)
  • It is non-toxic to humans and biodegradable.
  • Beeswax contains enzymes that fight bacteria
  • By its nature is remains solid at room temperature and has a high melting point

Coconut Oil Facts:

  • Coconut oil is derived from Coconuts (go figure); a sustainable crop that grows naturally in many regions of the world and requires significantly less water and pesticides than conventional vegetable oil yielding crops.
  • The oil is a natural antibacterial
  • It contains high levels of Growth Hormones
Amazing Properties of beeswax and coconut oil

    1. Leather Protection

    Leather is essentially dead skin that has been preserved through the process of tanning to become leather. During the tanning process nearly all of the moisture is removed which makes the leather stiff and workable. Over time, if you use it regularly, your leather items gather natural oils from your hands and from other other substances around it, which can be enough to keep it soft and protected.

    Occasionally though it’s a good idea to give your precious leather items a little extra moisture and some protection from the forces that want to dry it out. That’s where Granddad Jack’s Leather Lotion comes in. Leather is made up of millions of fibres that tangle together to form a bond. If leather drys out, these fibres become brittle and break instead of flexing and maintaining the integrity of the leather. Granddad Jack’s Leather lotion contains natural coconut oil which absorbs into the leather fibres, nourishing them and keeping them pliant.

    Do you know what can dry out your leather the most? Water. It’s sounds counterintuitive but it’s true. So Granddad Jack’s Leather Lotion also applies a protective coating of beeswax that remains on the surface of the leather, sealing pores and causing water to bead off.

    None of these materials will hurt the leather because they are 100% natural and biodegradable. What’s more they are not harmful to you or the environment around you.

    2. Lip Balm

    Granddad Jack’s Leather Lotion is so natural you can eat it. I can’t guarantee it will taste any good but trust me, it’s true. I don’t care how tough you are, the skin on your lips is as soft as a babies bum. So they are easily dried by the sun, wind and water. Applying a little Leather Lotion deploys coconut oil, which is antibacterial and contains healing enzymes and beeswax which guards against infection and create a protective barrier against wind, water and sun. In fact, did you know that Granddad Jack’s Leather Lotion has an SPF15+ protection rating.

    3. Moustache Wax

    In my opinion, If you’re gonna sport a Stache you’ve got to keep that bad boy in check. That means trimming those overzealous lip gropers and keeping everything pointing at your toes. Using Granddad Jack’s Leather lotion as a Muzzy wax will change your life and make Tom Selleck look like Betty White. As I said earlier, Granddad Jack’s Leather lotion is non-toxic, in fact its positively anti-toxic. The combinations of beeswax and coconut oil in your Cookie Duster will keep the whole show clean and hygienic. At the same time, combed in, they keep Mr Tickler shiny and neat and actually train the hairs to grow in one direction.

    4. Wood Balm

    When wood dries out excessively or unevenly, it can crack. This happens when unequal drying occurs in the grains of wood which causes splitting. The damage can be large in scale or very small such as on the outer surface of a special piece. Thank goodness for Granddad Jack’s Miracle Leather Lotion. The oil content returns moisture to the outer layers of the wood while the beeswax, used for centuries as a natural furniture polish, fills tiny cracks and lays down a protective skin over the surface. Let the lotion dry for an hour or so and then buff the surface with a dry soft rag. Then go ahead and impress the missus by showing her how amazingly water beads right off. You’re welcome.

    5. Rust/Tarnish Protection

    That’s right. Using the coconut oil content of Granddad Jack’s Leather Lotion and the stiffness of the beeswax, you’ve got a pretty awesome polish for restoring metal objects. But as you apply Leather lotion to your leather bag, shoes or jacket, don’t be shy to rub a little on the zippers, eyelets and other metal hardware. The beeswax creates a protective seal over metal to staves off rust and tarnish.


    As if all of this wasn't enough I specifically made the packaging of Granddad Jack's Leather Lotion compact and portable. The small jar is water tight and tough and can be easy carried with you in the car or your satchel for use at any time.